Cheeseburgers and Detailing

Which do you think was more satisfying?

I love my work and I love cheeseburgers. A 1/2 lbs cheeseburger, fries and a quart milkshake from my favorite local burger place (if you know Orchard Park, you know where I'm talking about), makes it hard to get through until those warm summer months. I also love the transformation that happens when I detail a clients vehicle. The time and patience I put into a car makes the end results always worth it.

The cheeseburgers above? I went to McDonald's and Red Robin and ordered just a cheeseburger, nothing added, nothing substituted. What is pictured is exactly what you'd get if you walked in and asked for just a cheeseburger. $1.50 vs $9.99. On a side note, the Red Robin burger came with fries too.

So, why bring up cheeseburgers and how they relate to auto detailing? Well, just like that cheeseburger, depending on where you go, you get what you pay for. This can be said for a lot of things you purchase so, let's see how it relates to detailing.


First, we all know prices on cheeseburgers vary depending on where you go. Places like McDonald's and Burger King sell cheeseburgers for $1.00 - $1.50 give or take. Then you have places like Red Robin and more gourmet restaurants that sell them for $10 and up. Some places even go for $40 - $75. The price alone can tell you a lot about the quality of the ingredients, time and effort that goes into it.


Now let's look at obtaining said cheeseburger. Establishment 1, McDonald's (sorry McDonald's but I'm picking on you today). When you want a cheeseburger, you have to go get it. This is true no matter who's burger you get. You get in your car, drive to them and either go inside or the drive-through. How warm and inviting is the inside of this restaurant? Not very, in my opinion. Your food gets served on a plastic tray, you sit in a plastic seat at your hard table, with your plastic silverware. Not a very relaxing place to eat.

Establishment 2, Red Robin or any other gourmet restaurant. No drive-through option here. Here, you're greeted at the door, escorted to your table, usually told who your waitress will be and to enjoy your meal. Moments later, your waitress comes by, asks how your doing, maybe tells you about any daily specials and asks for your drink order and maybe appetizers. Now take a minute to think about where you are. Pleasant lighting, cushioned bench or chair, real silverware and maybe some decent music playing at a respectable level.

The Food

Back to establishment 1. You're asked what you want, what you want on it and that's about it. The cheeseburger is then served to you wrapped in wax paper on a plastic tray or in a brown paper bag, usually in your hand in about 2 minutes. Quick and easy, no skill needed, pre-made, ready to roll.

At establishment 2, your waitress has come by with your drinks and is asking what you'd like. She asks how you'd like it cooked, what you want on it and any extra sides. She takes your order to the kitchen when someone hums along for about 10-15 minutes or so working their magic on your personalized cheeseburger. Usually this person, has some knowledge on cooking your meat to get it just right from lots of pink to little or none. And knows not to press your burger against the grill, squeezing the juices out and drying it up (grinds my gears).

Once you get your cheeseburger, plated nicely for presentation maybe with some garnish, your waitress will come by and ask how everything is. Probably stop by a few times to see if you need anything, drink refill, dessert... etc.

After you've paid your bill, most likely you'll be leaving full and satisfied that you got what you wanted.

The Detail

Just like that cheeseburger, a detail can be about the quick run through a car wash or a

personalized, 40+ hour, deep clean, wash, buff, polish and ceramic coating.

Hopefully this article will help you understand why a detailer is so much different from a car wash. From the time and effort to the quality products and personalized service here to help you get what you want.

But, what if I don't know what I want? That's OK, I'm here to help. Call, ask questions, let's meet up and go over your vehicle together. Are there things about your car that bother you? Did the last guy condition your leather seats and now you feel like a greasy french fry when you get out of your car? Are you like me and hate dirty windows with a passion, especially the front window? Does your car not shine like it did when it was new? Funny smell or does it just not have a fresh clean feel to it?

I can go on but I want a burger...


Big thanks to Kevin Awalt from Arkham Shine for the theory.

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