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Please take a minute and read about our unique Eco-friendly, water smart approach to car washing below.

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All details require a nonrefundable 20% initial investment at scheduling

We only use quality products to detail our own cars and yours. Ask any auto detailer, inferior products will just hurt you in the end, from products that stain or discolor plastic trim to towels that scratch or leave lint all over your car. These types of poor products will produce nothing but poor detailing results and wasted time for you and us.

The Water Smart Approach

With the right products and techniques, a "water smart" wash can be performed on a vehicle and produce better and safer results than traditional methods.

A highly lubricated spray detailer is applied to the vehicle surface. The cleaning agents attack the dirt and pull it away from the paint. Then, using a microfiber towel, the dirt is gently removed from the vehicle. The heavy lubricants in the spray help to lessen the chance of the dirt scratching the paint.

Another approach is to use a microfiber towel or mitt soaked in a bucket of wash solution and a clean bucket of water to rinse. Working a section at a time, an area is washed with a towel from the bucket with a solution in it. The area is dried immediately to avoid water spots. The towel or mitt is then rinsed and move on to the next area.

Though, these methods of detailing are not for all vehicles. Vehicles with excessive dirt still will need a traditional wash or a pre-soak/rinse.


For comparison, your typical drive-through car wash can use upwards of 85 gallons of water. Washing at home can use anywhere from 20 to 35 gallons. We can wash your car with as little as 2 gallons of water.

Also, about 99% of the products we use are water-based products. No harsh chemical products are used unless in extreme circumstances. No chemicals running down your driveway or into your lawn and into the ground. Safe for you, us, and the environment.  

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