Mobile Maintenance Detailing

Your car is in beautiful shape. It's sparkling and smells great on the inside.


You want to keep it that way, what do you do?


A maintenance program. This will keep your vehicle in that just detailed condition every time we come to visit.


This program exists to continuously keep your car in gorgeous condition. If your car is brand new, there is no better time to start a maintenance program than right now.

  • Comfort knowing your car is being properly maintained

  • Keeps the high level of cleanliness

  • Maintains the value of your vehicle

Monthly/Bi-monthly/Weekly services available.
Starting at $99.99
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All details require a nonrefundable 20% initial investment at scheduling

What Should I Expect Every Month?

Not everything listed needs to be performed at every visit. Some only need to be done annually, bi-monthly or every 6 months.


  • Hand Wash

  • Decontaminate paint, clay bar paint

  • Bug and tar removal

  • 6-month Silica Sealant Applied

  • Complete wheel  and tire cleaning inside and out

  • Dress tires

  • Clean wheel wells


  • Complete vacuum including trunk

  • Meticulously clean, shampoo, and detail all interior surfaces including floor mats carpeting, seating, door panels, cubby-holes, dash gauges, vents, etc...

  • Deep clean of all interior fabric/leather/plastic/vinyl

  • Clean door jambs

  • Any leather conditioned using a light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment

  • Clean windows inside and out

And as a bonus, all of the above will be performed once a year, usually in the spring including steam cleaning!

*Vehicles may need a full assessment depending on current maintenance and age of the vehicle

Maintaining Your Investment

You keep your vehicle mechanically sound, why not visually sound?

Maintaining a vehicle is always important when you own one. You change the oil when it needs to be done. Add wiper fluid. Get your tires rotated and buy new ones. You have your brakes checked and replaced when needed. And so on. We all, as car owners, do these things to maintain our cars. Why? To keep them running right to avoid the high cost of repairs when something goes wrong due to neglect of one of the above examples. Also, a great running car will have a better chance to sell compared to one that is not. 

Preventive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance - Stopping something before it has a chance to happen

  • Maintains the value of your vehicle - A clean car will have a better trade-in or resale value. Try selling a car that has stained seats, scratched and banged up paint. Now take that same car that's been well maintained and detailed and see how fast it sells

  • Some interior materials need to be maintained properly from day one. As manufacturers continue to change and improve materials, cleaning habits need to change to accommodate

* Prices subject to change without notice

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